Arthroscopic Surgery

A majority of the surgeries performed by us are arthroscopic operations (arthroscopies), primarily in cases of joint degeneration such as cartilage damage, arthroses, meniscus damage, or instable ligaments.

Arthroscopic replacement surgery of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint is also one of the standard procedures we perform. If degeneration of a joint is accompanied by deformities, that is, misalignments such as knock-knees, bowlegs, misalignments of feet or toes, we offer corrective surgery on the affected areas – hip, knees, or feet. If such procedures are performed early enough, joint replacement surgery can be delayed or might not even be required at all.

On the shoulder joint, the modern technique of arthroscopy enables performing a whole series of reconstructive procedures, from removal of calcific deposits in the case of calcific tendinitis to tendon reconstruction and shoulder stabilization. We also perform regular arthroscopic shoulder decompressions to restore pain-free mobility. This is also done in a similar way for procedures performed on the upper ankle joint and the elbow.