Hospital Hygiene

Hospital hygiene is essential to ensure patient safety. In order to detect, fight, and prevent infections, the hospital implements the current guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute and other relevant requirements in its hygiene plan.

Periodic microbiological assessments of the hospital environment, inspections of all areas, benchmarking of the hospital’s hygiene data against those of other hospitals, and a comprehensive training program for all staff members are important elements of hospital hygiene. The Hygiene Team at Nardini Klinikum is headed by Marliese Fritz, Hospital Hygiene Specialist.  Nardini Klinikum has four specialist nurses with a two-year advanced training in hospital hygiene and infection prevention, nine physicians trained as hygiene officers, and 32 nurses with special hygiene training for the wards and functional areas.

In addition, hygiene and microbiology institutes provide consultation services to Nardini Klinikum. The hospital group is addressing the problem of antibiotic-resistant pathogens with an internal antibiotics strategy. Pathogens exhibiting resistance to antibiotics occur globally and render commonly used antibiotics ineffective.

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