German Supply Chain Act

The Supply Chain Act

The Supply Chain Act aims to improve the international human rights situation by better protecting compliance with human rights and environmental protection requirements along global supply chains. The act places certain due diligence requirements on companies, which need to be enforced by the companies in their own and their suppliers’ operations.

Nardini Klinikum GmbH is committed to respecting the internationally recognized human rights and environmental protection requirements in supply chains and acts on its responsibility to implement due diligence.

In particular, Nardini Klinikum GmbH condemns any form of child and forced labor, slavery and human trafficking of any kind, and any form of discrimination. Our hospital is also committed to complying with the occupational safety regulations at each place of employment, paying appropriate wages, and protecting the right of association of our employees.

The Policy Statement of Nardini Klinikum GmbH was adopted by the senior management and board of directors in March 2023 and can be viewed here:

Human Rights Policy Statement

Human rights and environmental due diligence includes, among other aspects, establishing an effective complaint procedure which allows whistleblowers to report violations, risks, and other issues relating to the Supply Chain Act and the Policy Statement of Nardini Klinikum GmbH.


Help us by ensuring that your report is correct and meaningful. This allows us to process your report in a timely and appropriate manner. Please think of the “five W’s” when submitting a report:

Who? What? When? How? Where?

We would appreciate it if we could contact you for further questions regarding your report. Our protected reporting channel for complaints regarding the Supply Chain Law also allows you to communicate with us anonymously. Information on the procedure and the privacy policy are available within the reporting system. Access the reporting system:

Complaint management

For information and queries, you can contact the Human Rights Officer of Nardini Klinikum GmbH Christian Finkler in person, by phone, or by mail. To contact us or to schedule an appointment, call +49 6332 82 9207 or send an e-mail to