The Nardini Klinikum – humanity for more than 100 years

The trustee of the Nardini Klinikum is the public-trust Nardini Foundation headquartered in Mallersdorf, which was named after the founder of our order, Dr. Paul Josef Nardini. His name represents both a mission and an obligation for us.

Modern medicine for the region

The Nardini Klinikum is a modern hospital offering a comprehensive range of specializations and 583 beds and day clinic places at the Zweibrücken and Landstuhl sites. The network hospital has the following specialist departments: Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Vascular and Visceral Surgery, OB/GYN, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Joint Surgery and Sport Traumatology, as well as reserved beds for Otorhinolaryngology and Urology. In addition, the Nardini Klinikum has day clinics for Oncology and Pain Therapy as well as a recognized Diabetes Center at the Zweibrücken site.

Executive Director

Welcome to the Nardini Klinikum

Dipl.-Kfm. Frank F. Banowitz

Executive Director
Phone: +49 6332 82-9092
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