Based on our Christian self-image, we see it as a personal obligation to actively oppose any kind of violence.

By creating an institutional protection concept against sexualized violence, we are implementing the mandate of the German Bishops’ Conference and the German Caritas Association at the Nardini Klinikum. We are intensively and sustainably concerned with protecting the patients entrusted to us from sexual violence.

The protection concept and the accompanying training and implementation measures encourage employees to address grievances. In the Nardini Klinikum’s institutional protection concept, all preventative measures are summarized and written down.

There is an internal employee contact person, Monica Nagel, for those affected and those who provide information. Above all, it has a pilot function, knows the procedure and communicates to the responsible authorities and external church and non-church contacts in accordance with the institutional protection concept.

You can reach Mrs. Nagel by phone on 06371 84 1102 or by email (

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