Digital visit cart replaces pen and paper

Digitalization is more than a technology investment. It can only be successful if staff and patients are at the center of the digitalization strategy.

Modern patient care is dependent on the availability of patient data and medical equipment. This is a decisive factor for successful and effective treatment, especially in emergencies. Digitalization is an important and also unavoidable challenge for any hospital.

Digitalization in the hospital means transforming technology and processes, but above all it means transforming the daily practice of the staff in all hospital areas. It can only be successful within the framework of a consistent overall strategy for the hospital. Nardini Klinikum’s digitalization strategy is aligned with the overall direction of our hospital. It constitutes a central element of the forward-thinking strategic development of Nardini Klinikum GmbH.

In a concerted digitalization initiative, Nardini Klinikum optimizes patient care along the whole treatment journey from admission to discharge and improves its IT security. The German Hospitals Future Act, telematics, and IT security in accordance with the B3S industry standard are just some of the milestones on our path to a digital future.

To meet these stringent requirements, Nardini Klinikum established a multidisciplinary project group which started working on the many details several years ago. Staff from the hospital’s IT, Nursing Administration, Quality Management, and Central Purchasing departments and an external service providers meet at regular intervals. They discuss the selection of suitable hardware and software and plan the comprehensive training program as well as the practice supervision during the implementation of the mobile visit carts on the wards. Many other projects are running in the background, such as the expansion of the Wi-Fi network and IT security improvement projects.

Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.