Emergency Call Guide

If you make an emergency call, you need to answer the following questions as precisely as possible:

Where is the emergency?

State the location of the emergency exactly, with street name, house number, and floor. If you are outside of town, state the number of the road, the direction of travel, and the mileage marker. If you are in an open area, state distinctive nearby features.

What happened?

Give a short description of the emergency situation and any particular dangers. This is absolutely necessary for alerting the appropriate rescue forces. Also state whether the patient is an adult or a child. If it is a child, state the (approximate) age.

How many casualties need to be treated?

The number of people injured/affected determines how many rescue forces will be sent.

What is the type of injury/illness?

Is anyone in a life-threatening condition? Any injuries or conspicuous symptoms of an illness that you recognize will help to deploy rescue forces judiciously.

Wait for any questions the dispatch center may have. Never end the conversation from your side. The dispatch center may still have important questions.