Internal Medicine 2

Internal Medicine 2 at Nardini Klinikum is headed by Chief Physician and Associate Professor Dr. Peter Schiedermaier.

We treat patients with disorders in the area of general internal medicine, in particular diseases and tumors of the digestive system, as well as diabetology and endocrinology (diabetes-related and hormonal disorders).

Stomach pain is often the reason why patients come to us. Fever, weight loss, tiredness, jaundice, anemia, diarrhea or constipation, blood sugar derailing and changes in micturition are also symptoms that point to serious disorders or may develop into life-threatening conditions needing urgent inpatient treatment.

Special experience is available in interventional endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract, which often enables us not only to detect, but to also treat the source of illness immediately.

Focus areas of the department are the treatment of complications arising from liver cirrhosis as well as gastrointestinal oncology. In a joint tumor board, we closely collaborate with the University Hospital of Saarland and the oncology practice of Dr. Stehle to treat patients with oncological disorders.

We also cooperate with Dialysezentrum Zweibrücken which carries out acute dialysis for our patients as well as routine dialysis for chronic patients during their stay in our clinic.

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