Sports Traumatology

There is a collaboration between the Sportärztebund Rheinland-Pfalz (the Rhineland-Palatinate Association of Sports Medicine Specialists), whose chairman is our Chief Surgeon Dr. med. Sascha Schläger, and the Sportbund-Pfalz (the Palatinate Sports Association).

Our department is therefore the point of contact and the checkup place for the sports clubs in our region and offers health checks for recreational, amateur, and professional athletes in collaboration with colleagues who have expertise in internal medicine.

Sports traumatology comprises the treatment of all acute sports injuries of bones, muscles, tendons, joints and their ligaments, including the resulting long-term consequences.

Classical sports injuries include ruptures of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament of the knee as well as meniscus ruptures and lateral ligament injuries. Ligament injuries and tendon injuries also frequently present in sports traumatology, and the same is true for chronic complaints in the sense of injuries caused by overstrain. Whatever the issue, we always strive to achieve the best and fastest possible success for you with the smallest effort.